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Expert Tucson Laptop Repair, plus iPad Repair

Laptop and Tablet repair requires a highly specialized set of skills. Our laptop technicians have the skill and patience to perform these highly precise and delicate repairs, from cracked LCD Screen repair to Power Jack repair.

We are the expert Tucson Laptop Repair guys for both Windows and MacBook computers. We charge simple, flat rate prices, plus parts.

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Our Tucson Laptop Repair  Experts Can Do it All!

Tucson Laptop Repair Service

  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair
  • DC Power Jack Repair
  • Screen Hinge Repair
  • Liquid Spill Repair
  • iPad, iPhone & Android Repair
  • Windows and MACBook Repair


Other repairs, such as software errors, crashes, viruses, etc., are the same as for desktops. Please refer to our Main Services page for a description of these repair services.

The following describes further details about the above Laptop-Specific Repairs.

Laptop LCD Screen Repair or Replacement


Cracked LCD Screen RepairWe handle broken or cracked Laptop Display Screen, LCD panel and backlight repair. Distorted Screen Pictures and just plain old Blank Screens are very common. Fortunately, screen repair cost is much cheaper than it was a couple of years ago.

Usually, these repairs require a screen replacement, as you can’t repair them, but sometimes we get lucky, and the problem is just a loose wire.

iPad Repair – Android Tablet Repair


tucson ipad repair tablet repairYes, we also repair today’s popular Tablets. We handle Apple, Microsoft and Android products by Samsung, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo & more.

The majority of these repairs are due to accidental damage. The most common being cracked iPhone or iPad Screen glass. Usually, just the glass digitizer screen is cracked, while the LCD itself is fine. We also see  broken buttons and damaged WiFi and Bluetooth antennas. We can fix any problem you may have with your device.

DC Power Jack Repair


DC Power Jack RepairThis is by far the most annoying thing that happens. It’s such a small part, but requires extensive labor to repair. Why?

It’s because we must completely disassemble the laptop. Then, in most cases we have to and remove the existing solder that holds the jack in place, then re-solder in the new one. Our tucson laptop repair shop is one of a very few that can do soldering repairs.

Hard Drive Repair & Replacement


Tucson Laptop Repair Hard DriveIn most cases, this is an easy job. The hard drive is removable from the outside, so we don’t have to open up the laptop.

However, many newer models do not have this easy access, so we have to open up the laptop. We hate this design decision by the manufacturers, and think they did it to boost their repair revenues.

Motherboard Repair & Replacement


Tucson Laptop Repair MotherboardThis is another complex job, as it obviously requires the complete disassembly of the laptop. As is the case with LCD screens, the motherboard may be repairable with some soldering or other repairs, but usually the board has to be replaced.

Like other laptop parts, they are cheaper than they used to be, but the labor is still extensive. We cap the labor on these jobs at 3 hours.

Liquid Spill Damage Repair


Laptop Liquid Spill Damage RepairAnother annoying mishap! It’s hard to say what these repairs involve, as it depends on how deep the spill went and which components it touched. It also depends on whether the PC was on when it happened and if so, how long it stayed on before you shut it off.

If this happens, you should immediately turn off the PC and turn it upside down so the liquid doesn’t seep in too deeply. We will then disassemble the laptop and clean it with special solvents. This works in about half the cases, depending on the above mentioned events.

Depending on what components got damaged, it may require replacing more than one part, possibly even the motherboard. If the damage is severe, we’ll advise you on whether it’s cheaper to buy a new laptop or repair your current computer. Again, we’ll be totally honest and recommend what’s best for you.

Keyboard Repair


Laptop Keyboard Repair TucsonKeys pop off, get sticky, or just stop responding. If a key fell off, we may be able to simply pop it back on. If however, the key or the clip that holds it in place were physically broken, we’ll have to replace the key. Simple and inexpensive fixes.

If you have unresponsive keys, the electronics inside the keyboard are damaged and we’ll need to replace the whole keyboard.

If the keyboard is sticky and “gunked up”, we’ll clean it with solvents. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to replace the keyboard. Luckily, keyboards are pretty inexpensive.

Broken or Loose Screen Hinge Repair


Laptop Hinge RepairThis usually happens when the laptop has been physically hit, sat on, or dropped. Half the time we can repair them. Other times we need to replace them. It depends on whether the hinge is simply loose, or if it was physically broken

Sometimes there may also be damage to the plastic parts or panels near the hinges, such as the screen frame or the back cover. If you have broken plastic parts, we can replace these too.

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