Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Absolutely! Our warranty period is either 14 or 30 days, depending on the nature of the repair job. We also warranty new parts for one year (used/reconditioned parts for 30 days).

We guarantee that when we are finished with the job and collect payment that the work we were asked to perform was done correctly. If the problem was a virus or spyware, we guarantee that the virus or spyware you had at the time of the service will be gone from the computer when we leave.

However, we cannot guarantee that you will not get more viruses or spyware after we leave (nobody can). We have no control over what you may download from the Internet, so we cannot guarantee that you will remain free from viruses and spyware after we leave. If you keep your antivirus & security programs up to date and run scans regularly, you should be fine.

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