Q: My computer crashed… I can’t get into Windows. Can you retrieve my data, pictures, music. etc?

A: Yes we can! We have lots of data recovery and hard drive repair tools and have an over 95% success rate. If your issue is with an external (backup) drive, the problem is usually with the drive’s case (enclosure), not with the drive itself. We remove the drive from the case and put it in a new case and you’re good to go!

The worst case scenario is when your drive has physical damage to its mechanical or electrical components. In these rare cases, we send your drive to our data recovery affiliate, where they perform special procedures in a clean room to recover your data. Yes it’s a bit pricey, but if your business depends on this data, it’s well worth it.

Important Note: If you are hearing clicking, whining or grinding noises coming from your computer, stop using the computer immediately in order to prevent more serious damage to your information.

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