Computer Repair Issues: All-in-One Desktop PC Repair and Maintenance

All-in-One Desktop PCThe PC repair realm has a new challenge.  All-in-One desktops are now all the rage.  These are the type of computers that have the CPU and screen in one single unit.  In other words, there is no separate tower.  This is a real space saving and convenient design.  MAC desktops took this form years ago, and now Windows desktops are following suit.

There is one drawback to having this type of unit however.  Maintenance and the cost of repair.  The main issue is heat, which wears down components or burns them out.  They really cram lots of components into a small space, so they tend to run hot.   These units are basically laptops on a stand, with the LCD screen attached, so they are more expensive to repair, just like laptops are.

They tried making these PC’s several years ago, but it was a disaster because back then, processors chips and hard drives ran very hot.  It’s a lot better now with the lower voltage, cooler running components, so it’s a better unit overall.  Still, you have to be careful.  Here’s some tips to help you.

1) Keep the unit in a well ventilated area, so it can get air to pass through it freely.  Keep the surrounding area free of dust, so it doesn’t get into the vents and clog things up.  If the PC will be in a dusty area, like a workshop, don’t get one in the first place.

2) Don’t run too many programs at the same time, or run heavy duty applications, like video editing or high-end games.  This works the PC very hard and generates lots of heat.

3) Check your start-up programs and any other background programs that may be running.  If too many are running, this works the PC harder and generates more heat.  If you know how to check for these, by all means do it.  If not, take your unit to a computer repair technician and have them tweak and tune up the PC so it runs less background programs.

Feel free to buy one of these types of computers if you like, but just keep the above tips in mind.  Do not buy one if you’re a heavy gamer or if you work your computers really hard.  They’re not designed for that type of use.  If you’re a casual user that mostly uses the internet and email, these units are just fine.

I hope this helped you.  If you need any more information or have more PC Repair needs or questions, please see the Saguaro PC Tech website for our conntact information.  Thank you. in that movie everything isn’t so simple as it seems at first sight. Some person who went by solved for me which species of plants is necessary to me. that tree went near me and helped me with life.

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  1. One of the major issues with these machines is finding parts for them when things do go wrong. There’s almost no support from the manufacturers and most smaller service companies have issues sourcing the parts and when they can they’re prohibitively expensive. Given the target market for these devices included business, shops and fashion conscious end users its incredible that the support market hasn’t followed.

  2. Great way of explanation. I clearly understood the way of trouble shooting my PC.

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  6. This is a great piece of technical information about the PCs.It helped me in making the decision to avoid the same in my heavy duty applications

  7. I bought this computer from micro center. In less then 2 months, I bumped the desk it sat on, it tipped fwd & cracked the (inside) monitor. I took back to micro center & they were going to charge me $330 to fix it & I bought it for $350. LOVE the look, but NEVER again will I buy a computer w/o researching it.

    • Steve Frantzis says:

      Yes, they are a pain to repair, this the high cost. I am nervous to buy one myself. Call me old fashioned, but I like the traditional desktops. Cheap and easy to fix.

  8. This helped me decide to avoid the all-in-one. We have one at work that just died and our technicians are buying a new one. I wonder if they know about these issues. I use the computer at home for simple things,but if heat is an issue, I wouldn’t know when it was becoming a problem. I like the desk top system and will continue with it. Many thanks.

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